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The Card Holder

The Card Holder

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The Refined Minimalist's Wallet What is a wallet even for anymore? For those who prefer to tap, it's almost obsolete. Reserved for a special meal or check-in moment, your wallet should look and feel as modern as you do.
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Max Cards: 5

This is the suggested card capacity by the brand.


See description for currencies.


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Top Features on the The Card Holder

The The Card Holder from Watson is one of the best unisex nylonCard Holders, holding 5 cards +

Features and specifications for The Card Holder

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Don't mistake the small size for a constraint.
• Holds 3-5 cards and cash USD/EUR /GBP

• Pull tab gives covert access.

• Front card is tap payments enabled.

• Carbontex™ and aluminum protected bioleather

Tap your primary card at lightning speed or save the day with that emergency bill you stashed.

Feel confident pulling out your wallet, thanks to our carbon-leather fusion that keeps it looking pristine.

Incredibly slim, the Card Holder and Wallet measure 5mm and 6mm respectively. Carbon protects cards and offers flexible comfort.