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Card Pouch

Card Pouch

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Get ready to refresh your style with our Classico collection. Made of semi-aniline, drum dyed leather, these bold and vibrant hues will make a statement. With a pebbled texture and soft hand feel, these leathers age beautifully. Available in Azure - a bright blue hue that brings a light-hearted and relaxed vibe to any outfit. Perfect for cash and essential cards, this leather pouch comes with a zipper pull and light gold hardware. It's beautifully gift boxed and can be personalized.
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Max Cards: 4

This is the suggested card capacity by the brand.


See description for currencies.


2.9"H x 4.6"W x 0.5"D | 7.4cm x 11.7cm x 1.3cm

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Top Features on the Card Pouch

The Card Pouch from Leatherology is one of the best unisex leatherWallets, holding 4 cards +

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- Made up of semi-aniline, drum dyed leather in an assortment of bold hues
- Our Classico collection features a pebbled texture and soft hand feel
- Perfect for those who want quality and style
- These vividly colored leathers make a statement and will age beautifully as you use them

- Color Notes: Refresh your wardrobe with our Azure leather
- This bright blue hue will invigorate your outfit with naturally light-hearted and relaxed vibe
- Full grain leather
- 2.9"H x 4.6"W x 0.5"D | 7.4cm x 11.7cm x 1.3cm
- Perfect for cash and a few essential cards
- Leather zipper pull
- Light gold hardware
- Beautifully Gift Boxed
- Available for Personalization