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Wide Strap

Wide Strap

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Enhance your style with our Wide Strap, featuring a striking contrast design. With a fixed strap length, it pairs perfectly with our bags or yours for a statement look. Width: 1.75 in. Length: 36.5 in. (without dog clips) or 40.5 in. (with dog clips).
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Size: 0L

0 - 12L (Mini) e.g. wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses.

12 - 19L (Small) e.g. 13" laptop/ tablet, documents, cables, headphones.

19 - 24L (Medium) e.g. laptop, tablet, tech accessories, plus lunch.

24 - 30L (Large) e.g. work gear plus gym gear, standard carry-on size.

30L+ (X-Large) the limit does not exist.

Editor's note: for multiple laptops or multi-use bags (e.g. work and a packed lunch), we suggest 20L and up.

Laptop size: up to "

For PC laptops with large bezels, size up.

Comfort rating: /5

Bags with reviews highlighting comfort are rated 4 and up. Bags with unpadded or tiny straps are rated 2 or less.


Width: 1.75 in.

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Top Features on the Wide Strap

The Wide Strap from Cuyana is one of the best women'sleatherBag Straps and Add-onss for work and travel. We especially dig the main snap closure and other thoughtful features.

Features and specifications for Wide Strap

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- With a striking contrasting design and a fixed strap length, our Wide Strap will pair perfectly with our bags or any of yours for a perfect statement.
- Width: 1.75 in.
- Length without dog clips: 36.5 in.
- Length with dog clips: 40.5 in.