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Slim Sleeve - Mirium Edition

Slim Sleeve - Mirium Edition

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Introducing our limited edition slim wallet made from MIRUM® - an eco-friendly, plant-based leather alternative. With quick-access slots, pull-tab storage, and a compact design, it's perfect for daily use. Backed by a 3-year warranty. Get yours now!
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Max Cards: 11

This is the suggested card capacity by the brand.


See description for currencies.


95 x 80mm

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Top Features on the Slim Sleeve - Mirium Edition

The Slim Sleeve - Mirium Edition from Bellroy is one of the best unisex leatherWallets, holding 11 cards +

Features and specifications for Slim Sleeve - Mirium Edition

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- This special edition of our original slim wallet is made from MIRUM® – an innovative, all-natural leather alternative made from plants.
- Limited first run of 300 pieces.
- 2 quick-access slots keep your daily cards right where you need them.
- Pull-tab storage lets you easily access additional stacked cards, while reducing bulk.
- Folded bills can be tucked away behind the left card slot.
- Features MIRUM® all-natural, plant-based leather alternative.
- Leather-free construction.
- Backed by our 3 year warranty.