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Apex Note Sleeve

Apex Note Sleeve

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Introducing our sleek Note Sleeve billfold with stitchless construction and magnetic closure. This slim wallet has quick-draw card slots and bulk storage pockets. The pre-molded leather stays looking new, and it's backed by a 3-year warranty. Perfect for travel.
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Max Cards: 10

This is the suggested card capacity by the brand.


See description for currencies.


109 x 89 x 19mm

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Top Features on the Apex Note Sleeve

The Apex Note Sleeve from Bellroy is one of the best unisex leatherWallets, holding 10 cards +

Features and specifications for Apex Note Sleeve

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- Our classic Note Sleeve billfold, reimagined with pre-molded leather, stitchless construction, and one-handed magnetic closure.
- To keep this wallet as slim as possible, we’ve joined the layers of leather using heat bonding, rather than bulky stitching.
- The snappy magnetic closure keeps your stuff secure, helps maintain a slim silhouette and feels incredibly satisfying!
- To balance access with capacity, we paired two quick-draw card slots, and two bulk storage pockets.
- The flat bill section is sized to fit currencies from around the globe.
- Pre-molded leather means you don’t need to break it in over time – it stays looking new for longer, and your cards fit perfectly from the get go.
- Backed by our 3-year warranty.