Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Bag List?

Bag List is a product recommendation engine. A solution to irrelevant Google search results. No more sifting through listicles, stores, and reviews. On Bag-List.com you can:
• Get personalized recommendations using our Bag Finder
• Filter hundreds of products by specific features
• Save your Wish List

How are the products on Bag List selected?

Bag List was created to help sift through the noise of Google search. If you've landed on our site, chances are you're not looking for any old bag. The Amazon Basics version is not going to cut it. You want the one. When selecting products and brands, we check for positive reviews, accessible distribution, and thoughtful design.

This is why we built a database to catalogue all the specifications and features for hundreds of bags. Because these aspects matter. Your day to day needs are foundational to making the right choice... At least that's how we feel about it. Bag List is curated by a team of bag designers, professional buyers, and bag nerds.

Do you earn commission for promoting certain products?

While we don't promote any products or brands over another, we do use affiliate links for many products on our site in order to track the quality of our recommendations. It's the best way for us to know if we helped you find what you're looking for! (The actual amount earned is typically less than $1 / sale.)

Some brands don't have an affiliate program and we list, catalogue, and review them in equal measure.

Do you offer discount codes or sale alerts?

No. We do not currently have discounts or alerts for our members.

How can I make a suggestion?

We'd love your feedback! We are constantly working to grow Bag List and make it better. You can write to us here.

Can I save my Wish List or send it to someone?

Yes! You'll need to create an account with your email address in order to save it. To send your wish list to a friend, click the "share" icon in the wish list page.

How is Bag List different from searching on Amazon?

If price is your number one priority and just about any bag will do, head on over to Amazon. That's what they do best!

Bag List specialized in non-commodity products. Products that offer not just value for money but longevity, well considered features, traceability, and a brand ethos behind them.