Gift Guide: The Best Men's Convertible Backpacks for Business Travellers

Gift Guide: The Best Men's Convertible Backpacks for Business Travellers

A convertible backpack is the ultimate solution to our cross-functional work lives. The convenience of a hands free backpack can be quickly stashed in favour of a boardroom ready brief. But will you actually use the convertible feature? Only if it's well designed to switch effortlessly. Below, the expert Bag List team explain the top three features to look for in a convertible backpack for work and conclude with our best-performing recommendations.
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Convertible backpack top laptop bags for work professionals

convertible backpack must-have

Easy to Convert

Need we say more? We've all had the experience of overpaying for functionality we never end up using. For convertible backpacks, convenience is key.

Consider how often you'll need to switch modes. Often? Consider a low-friction multi-tool. Once in a blue moon? Then go ahead and choose something ultra-concealed.

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convertible backpack must have

Performs Well in Both Modes

Nobody wants to compromise. We love a convertible backpack with multi-directional pockets so you can quickly access your headphones or laptop in any configuration.

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Convertible backpack must-have

Comfortable Carrying

What is the point of wearing a backpack if it's not comfortable to carry - especially when full. For backpacks sized 18L and up, be sure to choose a model with padded straps.

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Our Top Recommended Convertible Backpacks for Work and Travel

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