best backpacks that stand up for work and travel

The Best Backpacks for Work that Stand Up

Here's the thing - once you put a laptop into a cloth bag, that computer takes over. You become a slave to it's every whim, forced to negotiate with table legs and various furniture indefinitely. Unless...

Unless the bag is designed to stand up on it's own. To resist the aluminium forces within and present your daily devices to you in a civilized manner - like a proper sidekick. Many people never think to insist on a freestanding backpack. But once you've used one, you'll never go back. No more digging around a floppy rucksack. No more furniture dependency. What freedom! Below, our editors outline the top features to consider when selecting a backpack that stands up, followed by our top picks in the category.

This is not a listicle from a random editor. How could anyone recommend the right bag for you!? Instead, use our guides to prioritize your needs and filter hundreds of bags by those parameters. Sound like magic!? This is what product search should be.

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Stand-up backpack top criteria

A Suitable Feature Set

Finding a bag that stands up is just the beginning. What about laptop size, access, and external pockets? Consider how and where you unpack On a desk or on the floor? In a boardroom or a cafe? Ensure your most-accessed items are presented to you, hands-free.

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Stand-up backpack top criteria

Fits Your Style

It may surprise you to learn that freestanding backpacks come in all shapes and sizes! Whether you're more sporty (like this Able Carry) or profesh (Tumi), or in-between (Aer). Don't sacrifice function for form, lever the Bag List filters to find yourself the one.

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Stand-up backpack top criteria

Uncompromised Comfort

A common objection from someone who has never worn a backpack with structure is "ouch!" However, the result is often the opposite. Carriers of backpacks that stand up often remark it's the most comfortable bag they've ever had.

Here's why: A structured backpack prevents your items from migrating to the bottom end of your bag and bouncing along your lower back. Instead, the contents are held ina more structured manner, closer to your center of gravity. Try it, you won't be disappointed!

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Our Top Recommended Backpacks that Stand Up

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