The Best Backpacks for Large Laptops (16" - 17")

The Best Backpacks for Large Laptops (16" - 17")

Are you an architect? Engineer? Gamer? You've come to the right place.

Whether you're running Esports, Solidworks or just want that high definition vision - carrying a widescreen laptop can feel like it limits your selection of available bags. Not so! We've curated no less than 100 options for laptops 16" and up. Below, our expert editors outline the top features to consider when shopping for a laptop backpack for 16 and 17 inch laptops. Plus, our selections from the Top Backpacks for Work and Travel for your browsing pleasure.

This is not a listicle from a random editor. How could anyone recommend the right bag for you!? Instead, use our guides to prioritize your needs and filter hundreds of bags by those parameters. Sound like magic!? This is what product search should be.

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Large laptop bags top considerations

Capacity and Proportion

You don't need to buy a huge bag to fit your mega screen. Look for low-profile shapes the even out the proportions and avoid the shoulder strain that comes from enormous backpacks that inevitably get filled.

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Large laptop bags top considerations

Device storage and Organization

If you've decided to be a maximalist about screen size, there's a good chance you've got some accessories to go along with it. Consider a laptop backpack with padded compartments that keep your electronics stowed and protected.

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Large laptop bags tops considerations

Your Style

In 2023, there are tons of style options out there - even within the parameter of backpacks suited for 16 and 17 inch laptops. Don't compromise - use our filters! Or browse our top picks below.

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Our Top Recommended Backpacks for Large 16 and 17 inch Laptops

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